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Let’s have a real war on drugs!

Couriers carry dollar bills abroad by the millions, for deposit in foreign banks; then the money can be telexed back to an ac­count in New York, say, and spent for just about anything. Stocks, bonds? A car dealer­ship, a ranch, a shopping center? Among re­cent seizures by U. S. marshals: a recording studio in California [...]

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A new camp

The government has pushed through a law to prohibit eventually all but 12,000 hectares for traditional chewing. But can this be enforced? Near Chimore, U. S. Army Special Forces instructors help UMOPAR set up a new camp. The mission is to search out and destroy pro­cessing pits and clandestine landing strips. “Those narcos use textbook [...]

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Sea Gypsies of the Philippines.

THESE ARE TROUBLED WATERS, the emerald-green seas off the Sulu Archipel­ago, the southernmost islands of the Philippines. Long the haunt of fierce pirates, they are also plied by smugglers who run guns from Borneo to Moslem rebels fighting the Philippine Government. It is not a comfortable feeling to be on these waters at night, but [...]

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The advente ONCE BITTEN

Q      What about diet?   A. What I like, I eat as much as I can, and I enjoy it. I prefer the natural and healthy producst such as coconut oil. They have great benefits on my skin and body in general – there are great ways to use coconut oil for skin care. And [...]

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What can you do to stem this muscular freefall? While sarcopenia can’t be avoided altogether, Dr Baylis says there is convincing evidence that ‘exercise – and in particular resistance exercise or weight training – is by far the best preventative measure.’ Running can help, but make sure it’s not always a slow plod.    From [...]

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Rock and a cold place

Competitors drop out and fingers drop off but MF plods doggedly on to finish the Rock and Ice Ultra endurance race Words Luke Cunliffe   Where: Northwest Territories, Canada Disciplines: Skiing or snowshoeing Length of race: 300km over six days Fitness level: Advanced.   It’s not really one for beginners, this race. It’s already -30′t [...]

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Create a romantic connection

The Lunch Date is a “priming date”. “The purpose is to meet a woman for just long enough to connect, and to discover the best way to sweep her off her feet,” write Ron Louis and David Copeland in their dating bible How to Succeed with Women (Reward Books). “It also gives you an opportunity [...]

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Follow MH’s Matt Barr to the roof of the world, across the Nepali Himalayas to Everest Base Camp, 5k above sea level I’ve had my fair share of physical low points in my time, but watching a couple of gimlet-eyed crows feasting on last night’s regurgitated egg curry takes some beating. It’s 6am in the [...]

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Five years ago, 28-stone Mike Hare escaped from a car crash to realise he had a chance to turn his life around. Just over two years later, he’d halved his weight and become a runner.   I ‘m in a place that I like enormously. It’s a fabulous place.” Like many runners, Mike Hare talks [...]

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Whether it’s your first or fifth marathon. at some point you’ll be heading into the unknown. But you’re not alone. In 2008 we analysed the pace of every single runner in the Flora London Marathon and found that running speed dropped significantly every 5 km. We know that low carbohydrate is one of the reasons [...]

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