Five years ago, 28-stone Mike Hare escaped from a car crash to realise he had a chance to turn his life around. Just over two years later, he’d halved his weight and become a runner.

  car crash

I ‘m in a place that I like enormously. It’s a fabulous place.” Like many runners, Mike Hare talks enthusiastically about the joys of the sport. But what separates him from most of us is the challenge he faced to make it to the start line.


Five years ago, aged so, Mike was in a very different place. Over decades of trying to do the best by his family and business, Mike lost focus on himself. “I had a complete lack of self-regard. I was never giving any priority to what was right for me. The only thing that was giving me any personal pleasure was eating foods I enjoyed.”


Years of bad food choices, the combined ill effects of excessive corporate entertainment and long hours, continued to take their toll on Mike’s waistline until one day he was a “happy High and Mighty shopper”, who was no longer able to squeeze into train and restaurant seats. Because of his size, Mike had also developed a habit of dropping off at inopportune moments, regularly dozing during meetings and meals. Then he fell asleep in the one place you should never ever fall asleep. It’s not often you can say that a car accident saved a life – but that’s exactly what happened to Mike one October night in 2004 when he awoke at the wheel a split second before his car ploughed into a van – and his life hit a ‘crunch’ point in more ways than one.


Fortunately, Mike escaped the head-on collision with more than just his life. “It was quite the wake-up call. As I was recovering, I knew I had to do something about my weight – and try to get my life back?’ But first Mike had to face up to the hard, long-ignored truth about just how big he now was. He suffered also from varicose veins and had to lok for the proper treatment. Learn more about varicose veins treatment. He certainly wasn’t prepared for the shock of tipping the scales at his local chemist to their 25st maximum. “I never realised I was that heavy at the time. But looking back there is a dearth of pictures of me when I was that size. I think subconsciously I shied away from facing the reality.” On January 7, 2008, Mike managed to find some scales that were able to measure him in all his un-glory – the reading said 27st 7lbs (175kg). He needed a miracle.

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